A Little Bit About OCA
Oceanview Christian Academy will present a well-rounded learning program for Primary to Grade Six. Children will love this structured and nurturing education atmosphere as it includes academic stimulation, small class sizes, fun and interactive programming, and interaction with students from all grade levels at Oceanview Christian Academy.​

The full day instruction sessions (Monday-Friday, 8:20 am – 2:30 pm)
include teaching in all subjects, plus spiritual, social and personal development.
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OCA's Frequently Asked Questions
Question:  What grades will be accepted?

At this time it is grades Primary-Six

Question:  Where will the school be held?

At Centreville Baptist Church.  It has classrooms and many assets for a school.  We plan to start in September 2017.

Question:  Will PACES be used at your school?

No, PACES are individualized packets of instruction and students work alone.  Instead we will have much the same format as a public school classroom with teaching in our classrooms, group and individualized learning taking place.

Question:  What education will your teachers bring to the school?

Our teachers must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Christian education or a bachelor’s degree and an education degree from a secular university.

Question: Will my kids be able to go to university and receive academic training that is preparatory for this from a Christian school?

Yes, most definitely!  Generally, Private and Christian schools have done better academically and on many counts than public school; students typically score 2-3% higher in private/Christian schools.

Question:  We are concerned that our children will be pushed ahead regardless of their competence in the subject? Does OCA plan to correct this with students?

Yes!  We will have constant communication with the home as we address these concerns.

Question:  What is the cost/tuition?

Tuition is posted on our website and in our brochures. Tuition is structured to offer bigger families a discount on their children’s education.

Question: Is there an assessment process for students with learning disabilities?

We have talked about this as a school and we would have to see if we can offer the child what they have had in the public school or more to accept them at the school.  Our goal is to give each student the best God has for him or her.   We believe there should be a means by which parents could assist in the classroom with students and at the same time receive a reduced tuition rate for their family.

Question:  Is there any special help for students who might be struggling with subjects?

Yes, definitely!  Teachers would be available for extra help.  Parents or volunteers will be encouraged to come in and help.  There could be financial resources available to hire a resource person for children who need the extra help.  If children are falling behind OCA is committed to getting the child “caught up” to grade level.

Question:  What about sports teams?

We would get the students involved in participating in organized sports activities with other schools in the province if at all possible.

Question:  What about a teacher’s strike?  Would the Christian school be affected by this?

No, we would not have a union and would not be involved in this.

Question:  Is there any place for a playground for the children?

Yes, there is plenty of space and we plan to build a playground and a playing field.

Question:  What about food allergies?

If we have no allergies, the foods prohibited elsewhere will be allowed.

Question:  What is the pass-mark?

65%.  We will use letter grades and each letters stands for a percentage on our report cards.

Question:  What is the registration deadline?

Dates for registration are posted on our website; they vary depending on when the applications are received.  As of now we are not a registered charity so we will hold off on accepting registration fees until this comes about, but we still want to take applications.

Question:  Can tuition be paid in installments?

Yes, they can be paid in a lump sum, bi-yearly, monthly, bi-monthly from August to May.

Question:  What curriculum are you using?

ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) publishes Purposeful Design for Science and Math; we would use this for those subject. A Beka and Bob Jones University Press would be used for Language Arts. For French (MFB Publications). We would also have a Music class, a Technology class, Physical Education class, and a Social Studies class that is Canadian based.

Question: During the school year will parents have interaction with the teachers and staff?

They definitely will have interaction; we want to encourage loyal friendships and relationships with those involved in their children’s education and believe a small class will help this.

Question: Do you follow the same school calendar as the public school system?  Storm days?

Yes, we follow the same calendar as the public school system.  We will cancel school if TCRSB is cancelled.  We will have public announcements broadcast about school closures.

Question:  What is the big difference between Christian school and public school?

Role models are a big concern for our children.  Teachers and staff acting and modeling as God commanded us as believers. Our children learn to model love and accept as a group.  Children learn about God as our Creator and Redeemer and learn about personal salvation. Everything in a Christian school is taught from a Biblical Worldview.

Question: What about homework?

Each teacher will decide what they want to do with their classroom.  Each teacher would decide what is appropriate.  There is a suggested amount of homework that we would expect each teacher to assign on occasion depending on the grade level.

Question:  What about dress code?

We would ask for modest dress and body parts covered.  We would ask that girls wear leggings/legging-shorts or tights with dresses.

Question:  What about Chapel?

Chapel will be conducted once each cycle which we expect, at this time, to be once every six days.  There will be special Chapels during Easter, Christmas, etc.  and there will be special guest speakers throughout the year. 

Question: What about hot lunches?

We would like to offer hot lunches once or twice a week as we have volunteers.

Question: Are there any more public meetings planned?

Yes, Marsha Boyd-Mitchell (a principal with lots of experience in Christian Schooling) plans to come for an Open House at the school April 1st, 2017.

Question:  Can you mail applications out to people who want to receive them in the mail?

Yes, definitely.

Question:  Will the school have a Pre-Kindergarten program?

Not at this time but hopefully in the future.  Our plans for 2017-2018 are for Primary-Six.

Question:  What does your family interview process look like if our child would like to attend?

You would meet with 2 or 3 members of the board and we would have a friendly exchange of the strengths of your child and what you would like to see in the school year.  We would contact you after the decision has been made about your child.

Question:  Do parents need to be members of a local church?

No, we only ask that you sign a document stating that you are in agreement with our Statement of Faith or that you will uphold the school in supporting the document.